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A legacy gift for a new generation

Caroline Argyropulo-Palmer, Editorial Project Manager, Unicef

Baby, I Love You is a baby book for new mums, dads and babies in Scotland given as a gift from Unicef to every baby born in Scotland between the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 Games in Australia's Gold Coast.

Editorial Project Manager Caroline Argyropulo-Palmer explains more about this unique project connected with the XX Commonwealth Games.

Just six months on from launch, Baby, I Love You, the beautiful baby book made possible by Glasgow 2014’s partnership with Unicef, is being gifted to new mums, dads and babies in every Scottish Health Board area.

The book’s message about building loving and nurturing relationships between new parents and their babies, and the mirror on the last page, are winning fans amongst mums, dads, babies and health care professionals.

We've had some great feedback. “Parents love the book,” one health visitor said. “They use it as part of the bed time routine.” “It’s something really nice that supports positive parenting instead of clinical type leaflets etc. Parents from all backgrounds and cultures seem to really connect with the ethos of it and the Unicef appeal which was part of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow,” said another.

Parents in Scotland can ask their health visitor or family nurse for more information about the book, or you can email

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