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Activate your community with a Big Lunch

Emily Watts, The Big Lunch

Blog / Community Engagement
We’re big fans of bunting at The Big Lunch. When I think Commonwealth flags too, we’re positively bubbling with excitement!

I also know how good The Big Lunch is at connecting people, and that’s why this year we’ve created some additional resources to add to our free Big Lunch packs for anyone who wants to celebrate the Commonwealth games in Scotland with a   Big Lunch. There’s a special poster, invitations and some ideas cards to get you started.

You can picture it: you get together with neighbours or other local folk, come out onto the street/congregate under a gazebo/ gather in front of the community centre or local green space, with a dish to share, possibly a few garden chairs and a table, if you have them.

Someone’s brought Jamiacan style Jerk Chicken, there’s a dish of vegetable samosas from a Mumbai family recipe. The children in the area are busy designing a giant mural on the street with chalk using Australian dot painting. Later on, there’s an odd house numbers vs evens football match to be held. You spend the afternoon eating, chatting, laughing, and doing some running about with other people living locally.

And what’s more, you find out afterwards that you were one of 3.5 million other folk across the UK who also took part in The Big Lunch.

Families playing cricketNot to bamboozle you with numbers, but there’s a high probability you’d also find yourself as one of the 86% who feel better about where they live, or the 79% who feel a stronger sense of community. You might even be one of the 64% who plan to do more locally.

The Big Lunch is very simple – it’s the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours. It’s an idea from the Eden Project who wondered back in 2009 what would happen if everyone in the UK sat down on one day a year and had lunch with the folk living locally.

I’m really keen to see more folk in Scotland join the thousands of communities across the UK who will be holding local events and street parties through the Summer – focusing on the first Sunday in June – this year. We’ve a great excuse to celebrate with all that sporting glory to be had in2014!

So why not sign up for a free pack, knock on doors in your community and bring the party to where you stay?

Packs for The Big Lunch are available until the end of May and Commonwealth Legacy resources can be obtained by contacting