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Call to join global 24-hour Commonwealth Ceilidh

Culture / International
People from across the world are invited to join a 24-hour Commonwealth Ceilidh which aims to span the globe next summer.

As part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) has been commissioned by Get Scotland Dancing to create the Commonwealth Ceilidh. RSCDS will work with dance centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen to create new ‘fusion’ dances which will be performed along with existing dances in a worldwide event on Saturday 21 June 2014.

The Commonwealth Ceilidh will begin with events in New Zealand at 7.30pm local time; the next events will begin two hours later in Australia, then in Japan and onwards, with the dancing beginning at 7.30pm in Scotland, 12 hours after the Ceilidh started.

Along with Commonwealth Ceilidhs in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh it is hoped that Commonwealth Ceilidhs will take place in hundreds of locations across Scotland and the UK.

The Commonwealth Ceilidh then continues over to the Americas and organisers are aiming for the final event to take place in Hawaii 24 hours after the first ceilidh call was made. 

Each Commonwealth Ceilidh will be unique to its location, with an interval in every event giving the chance for groups to showcase their national or local dance style.

Anyone can join in with the Commonwealth Ceilidh, whether they are new to dance or a life-long dancer.

Organisers are especially interested at present in hearing from people who would like to organise a Ceilidh in their own community.

To find out more visit:

Commonwealth Ceilidh website