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Children's Parliament launch The Active Children Film

Sport and physical activity
Children’s Parliament is excited to announce the launch of the Active Children film; this coincides with an exhibition of the Active Children mural at Victoria Quay, Scottish Government.

The Active Chidren Film is now available!

“Never give up.  You can push yourself to reach the stars!” – MCP, age 10

Through the Children’s Parliament Active Children project, children across Scotland shared their views and experiences of participating in sport and physical activity. Forty children aged 8 to 11 from Edinburgh, Angus, Falkirk, East Dunbartonshire and Highland created a mural that highlighted key messages about inclusion, support, motivation, enjoyment and the benefits of leading active lives.

“I learned that children have rights and a voice. It helped me to have confidence in myself and my abilities.” – MCP, age 8

The children emphasised that sport and physical activity should be fun and everyone should be able to participate. They wanted teammates, coaches and supporters to be positive and respectful, so that participation in sport increased their confidence. Access and affordability were also key issues for children; often they felt like their choices were limited by distance, availability and cost. Finally, whether discussing play parks or sporting venues, the children stressed how important it is for facilities to be of good quality and safe so that children could play without any worries.

View the Active Children film here:
Children’s Parliament National Sitting 2016

The Active Children project was the focus of the 2016 National Sitting of Children’s Parliament, which took place at Albert Halls in Stirling. This event brought the Members of Children’s Parliament (MCPs) together with key decision makers from Scottish Government, NHS, local authorities and universities. At the National Sitting, the children and adults viewed the Active Children mural, had discussions about what helps and what gets in the way of children leading active lives, and took part in a series of physical activities and games.

“That was a great day! I enjoyed meeting everyone at the National Sitting and sharing my artwork.” – MCP, age 11

From the day’s discussions Children’s Parliament developed this list of what adults can do to help children lead active lives:

• Ask children about their views and experiences – whether about the sports they would like to play, how a community centre could be better or what support they need to participate and compete
• Ensure children have a choice of what sports and physical activities they want to take part in
• Highlight opportunities to get active to children and their families, especially when there are free events or activities on
• Create more opportunities for children with disabilities to get involved in sport and physical activities (i.e. swim sessions for children with autism, adapted sports for wheelchair users, etc.)
• Provide more training for coaches so that they are positive, supportive and knowledgeable and do not shout at children
• Make sure that parks are cleaner and safer so that children can play there without worries
• Ensure schools have adequate space and quality equipment for sports and other physical activities
• Make sport free or cheaper so more children and families can participate
• Be active as adults, so children see it as a normal and fun part of life.  Be a role model!

For more information, please visit Children's Parliament Website