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Exploring the Commonwealth through film

Sareta Puri, Programme Coordinator, Into Film

Sareta Puri from Into Film explains how pupils are learning about the Commonwealth through film.

Are you looking for a unique and creative way to engage pupils with the Commonwealth? Into Film’s recently published resource, The Commonwealth Through Film, has been designed as part of Legacy 2014 to strengthen learning about culture at home and internationally. The resource is based on ten carefully selected films from across different Commonwealth countries and explores identity, culture and global citizenship whilst also reflecting on life in Scotland. Films include Whale Rider, Duma, The First Grader, Boy and sports titles, BMX Bandits and Invictus.

The resource has been supported by Education Scotland’s Senior Education Officer for Literacy, Louise Glen, who said, "as an ex-teacher, to have that level of resource at my fingertips when I’m possibly embracing something new in the curriculum is a fantastic opportunity. These resources have been written by teachers, for teachers, and they allow them to use film as a creative tool. They can integrate filmmaking and the appreciation of film into lessons relatively easily. The resources really do allow learners to explore what it means to be part of the Commonwealth, to gain insights into the culture and identity of Commonwealth countries, as well as looking into their own country and their own cultural identity."

Already being used in many primary and secondary schools these resources comprise lesson and discussion ideas; thematic approaches; and supporting worksheets and PowerPoints; and CfE links.

Helen Devine, a teacher from Wallacestone Primary in Falkirk, who is already using the resource commented, “the teachers’ notes are concise, easy to use and provide a superb starting point and ideas for discussion.  Linking the films to the Commonwealth countries and giving suggestions for key points has meant that I have felt well prepared for the lessons.  It has also been fantastic to use the follow-up ideas, since these make the children’s learning really individual to their own interests.  I am very impressed with the resources and I am looking forward to sharing them with others in my school.”

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The films can all be accessed for free via Into Film – all you need to do is join for free.