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Lead 2014 inspires thousands of young people

Young People
Lead 2014 has launched its 2014 programme which will see the number of young people involved since its inception in 2011 surge beyond 50,000.

The programme – a partnership between sportscotland, Youth Sport Trust and Glasgow 2014 – is designed to develop the leadership skills of young people.

Secondary pupils (Young Leaders) are mentored at a one-day conference by university student volunteers (Student Tutors) in how to plan, organise and manage Commonwealth Games themed sports festivals for their local primary and secondary schools.

The numbers participating in Lead 2014 has risen year-on-year. In Year 1, 2011, there were six universities involved, 80 participating University students, 98 schools and 796 Young Leaders.  A total of 54 Lead 2014 Festivals were held with 6924 children participating.

Last year those figures had climbed to nine universities, 117 participating University students, 143 schools and 902 Young Leaders. In 2013 there were 141 Lead 2014 festivals involving 18,154 secondary and primary school pupils.

The combined tally of participating University students, Young Leaders and school children participating in Festivals is an incredible 39,659. In its four years to date, Lead 2014 has now reached all 32 Local Authorities in Scotland.

With Glasgow 2014 fast approaching, this year’s Lead 2014 will see an emphasis placed on what needs to be done for the final countdown of putting on an event.

The Opening Ceremony of this year’s Lead 2014 University Conferences will have an added cultural dimension with the participation of the Get Scotland Dancin’ project.

This year’s programme will be rolled out across University conference dates between 6 February and 26 March.

The intention is to use sport as a springboard to hone and develop leadership ability among young people and, in turn, provide an opportunity to engage with Glasgow 2014.

Using Glasgow 2014 as the catalyst, Lead 2014 will capture young people’s energy and enthusiasm for sport and enable them to become role models in sports leadership as well as seeing the value of volunteering in sport.

Lead 2014 has provided an outstanding platform for young people across Scotland to develop their leadership skills and discussions are already under way about its continuation.

The successful peer leadership programme will continue in the same format next year as the country aims to use Glasgow 2014 as a platform to provide a lasting legacy.

More information on Lead 2014 can be found at