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Street Soccer Scotland promotes positive change through football

John Hall, Street Soccer Sessional Worker

John Hall talks about his new role with Street Soccer Scotland

Since the last time I caught up with Legacy 2014 I have become a part-time sessional worker with Street Soccer Scotland. This new responsibility has been a great source of inspiration for me and has developed a settled routine that I can build around.

Taking the Glasgow Street Soccer FC sessions in Sandyhills, Govan, Townhead and MaryhilI I have developed a strong understanding of the kind of football the 10-15 age group want to be involved in.

I now run sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday that I know will be full of different activities that provide a range of development opportunities through the sport. I always look at previous sessions and hope that we can provide something different each time we interact with the young people turning up at our sessions.

It’s great to see the positive attitudes that the kids bring to the sessions and I see faces that were present at the initial sessions over five months ago. The fact that these young footballers are consistently turning up to learn and develop is great for us, as we can tailor our sessions to suit them.

Our sessions also target many other areas that help young footballers develop positively. That means that we don’t always focus on the sporting side, that we act as role-models and mentors to develop confidence and motivation for the young footballers attending a session.

Street Soccer Scotland promotes positive change through football

I grew up in a similar area to the youngsters that invest in our sessions and I know that positive reinforcement and team play are integral parts of their development.

Confidence building needs to be tied into their daily play and I know first-hand through my journey with Street Soccer how hard it is to grow that. I was helped massively through similar programmes and I continue to look ahead, keeping a positive attitude that I hope is passed on to this young age group.

I always tell the people attending the sessions my story and I hope that can give them inspiration and hopefully they can use these opportunities to the fullest. I’m now a more settled, confident individual that looks at situations with more maturity now, where as it could have been a lot different without the support I had.

Street Soccer Scotland is a huge part of my life and it has helped me get involved in other coaching besides football. I’m now a part-time volunteer swimming instructor and look forward to a half-marathon later on in the year.

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