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Welcoming strangers is a mark of Scottish hospitality

The Volunteer Homestay Programme is now open. Run by More Than Gold and supported by the Scottish Government, the programme offers the people of Scotland a unique opportunity to welcome strangers by opening their homes to Games volunteers.

Games volunteers, know as Clyde-siders, will play a key role in making the Games a success with around 15,000 volunteers in a wide variety of roles. It is anticipated that more than a third of Clyde-siders will need accommodation in Glasgow and the other host cities. During large events, affordable accommodation is often scarce and many visiting volunteers have difficulty finding somewhere to stay. Similarly, visitors can struggle to make the most of the experience without the practical help and knowledge of a hospitable host. The Volunteer Homestay Programme supplements other accommodation options and provides low cost bed and breakfast accommodation for volunteers in host homes in Glasgow and also Edinburgh, Dundee and Angus.

The programme is now accepting applications from those considering becoming a Volunteer Homestay Host and from Clyde-siders looking be a Volunteer Homestay Guest.

For more information about the Volunteer Homestay Programme visit the website. The website has more information about the programme, application forms, and other useful information available to you. An application form can be sent directly or can be completed over the phone. Anyone wanting to speak to member of the Volunteer Homestay Programme team can phone 0141 438 2319 or email for help, advice or further information.

Volunteer Homestay Programme website